Bouma Lab

Research efforts in the lab focus on factors that are important and necessary for proper placental development and function, which is critical for embryo and fetal development and survival. Currently the regulation of androgen signaling by histone modifying enzymes in the placenta is under investigation. Normal placental development and function is essential for pregnancy maintenance, maternal health, and proper fetal tissue programming and postnatal health of the offspring.

research project

Histone lysine demethylase function in the placenta

research project

Androgen receptor signaling in placental trophoblast cells

research project

Function of ACE2 in transplacental transport

research project

Extracellular vesicles in reproductive physiology

research project

Comparative placentation


Jerry Bouma

Associate Professor

Office: 970-491-8738

Agata Parson Abone, DVM

Collaborator, PhD student in Dr. Chicco's lab

contact information

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Anatomy and Zoology Building, E306
Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory, W117
Colorado State University
1683-Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Main Campus: (970) 491-6125, Foothills Campus: (970) 491-8738