Former Graduate Students

Luke Whitcomb, M.S., Biomedical Sciences; Thesis: Role of glucocorticoids in metabolic adjustments to hypoxia

Lance C. Li Puma, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences; Dissertation: FADS2 and mitochondrial PUFA metabolism in cardiac ischemic tolerance; 2015-2020

Christopher M. Mulligan, Ph.D., Food Science and Human Nutrition; Dissertation: Role of delta-6 desaturase in the development of cardiometabolic disease; 2010-2014

Catherine H. Le, Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology; Dissertation: Influence of Cardiolipin Remodeling on Mitochondrial Respiratory function in the Heart; 2009-2013

Peter Linde, M.S., Biomedical Sciences, Thesis: Fads2 expression modulates effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on Western diet-induced glucose intolerance; 2015-17

Melanie Lashbrook, M.S., Health and Exercise Science, Seasonal vs. genetic hyperphagia effects on cardiac and muscle mitochondrial respiratory function; 2013-15

Ashley Heim, M.S., Biological Sciences, Thesis: Tissue-specific seasonal changes in mitochondrial function of a mammalian hibernator, 2017

Spencer Kaye, M.S., Health and Exercise Science, Thesis: Sedentary vs. exercise-induced hypoxia acclimatization; 2014-15

Scott Claiborne, M.S.; Department of Health and Exercise Science, CSU; Thesis: Exercise Training Improves Exercise Capacity in the Taz shRNA Mouse Model of Barth Syndrome

Anthony (Bret) DeMooy, M.S.; Department of Biomedical Sciences, CSU; Thesis: Mechanism and subpopulation specificity of mitochondrial ROS release in the post-ischemic hyperthyroid myocardium

Dina Nemr, M.S., Department of Chemistry, American University of Cairo, Egypt; Thesis: Influence of delta 6-desaturase on hepatic membrane composition in obesity/insulin resistance

Melissa Routh, M.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, CSU; Thesis: SC-26196, a Delta-6 Desaturase Inhibitor, Normalizes Glucose Tolerance in ob/ob Mice

Brady Anderson, M.S., Health and Exercise Science, CSU; Thesis: A Single High-Altitude Training Bout Improves High-Altitude Aerobic Performance

University Honors Program Research Scholars

Cheyenne Izon, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2022

Aria Witt, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2022

Amanda Evans, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2017; Thesis: Inhibition of Delta 6-Desaturase, but not DHA supplementation, alleviates glucose intolerance in obesity

Kalyn Specht; B.S., Health and Exercise Science/Biomedical Sciences; 2017; Thesis: Composition of high molecular weight enzyme complexes in cardiac mitochondria from Barth Syndrome patients

Susana Rosales, B.S.; Department of Biological Sciences; 2016; Thesis: Effect of cold exposure on mitochondrial function in hibernating and non-hibernating rodents

Lindsay Benage, B.S.; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2015; Thesis: Mechanism of impaired fatty acid oxidation in Taz-deficient cardiac mitochondria

Melissa Routh, B.S.; Department of Health and Exercise Science, 2012; Thesis: Regulation of PUFA metabolism in the obese-insulin resistant ob/ob mouse heart

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Joe Heckman, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2019

Madison Engstrom, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2019

Abby Brown, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2019

Sabrina Nesladek, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2018

Michael Hedges, B.S., Biochemistry, 2017

Connor Whitaker, B.S., Biomedical Sciences, 2017

Visiting Students and Scientists

Valerie Wilson, REU Summer Research Student,  Simpson College. 2018

Justin Havird, Ph.D., NIH postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Biological Sciences, CSU (co-mentors Dan Sloan and Cameron Ghalambor); 2017-18

Dillon Chung; Ph.D. Candidate and Canadian NSERC Scholar, Biology, University of British Colombia, 2016

Euhnee Chung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Nutrition; University of Texas at San Antonio. Supported by APS Research Career Enhancement Award, 2017

Cristian Carrillo; REU Summer Research Student, California State University Monterey Bay, 2012