Lab Graduates

Adam Heck, Ph.D. LinkedIn
Postdoctoral Fellow, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute, Seattle WA
2019 Ph.D. thesis – “The impact of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression via RNA-binding proteins on pluripotency”

Aimee Jalkanen, D.V.M., Ph.D. LinkedIn
Clinical Curation Scientist, Exact Sciences, Columbus, OH
2017 Ph.D. thesis – “Repeated Sequences Encoding Cys2His2 Zinc Finger Motifs Influence mRNA polyadenylation and Localization”

Annie Zhang Bargsten, Ph.D.LinkedIn
Field Application Scientist, STEMCELL Technologies, Denver, CO
2017 Ph.D. thesis – “Binding of MBNL1 to CUG repeats slows 5′-to-3′ RNA decay by XRN2 in a cell culture model of type I myotonic dystrophy”

Ashley Neff, Ph.D.LinkedIn
Business Analyst I, Level 3 Communications
2013 Ph.D. thesis – “Global analysis reveals differential regulation of mRNA decay in human induced pluripotent stem cells”

Jerome Lee, Ph.D. – LinkedIn
Associate Technical Director, Invitae, Boulder, CO
2011 Ph.D. Thesis – “Systematic Analysis of Cis-Elements in Unstable mRNAs Demonstrates that CUGBP1 Is a Key Regulator of mRNA Decay in Muscle Cells”