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My Green Lab Certification - GreenThe Dobos laboratory is focused on descriptive, comparative studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains that are relevant to the development of second-generation vaccines and diagnostic assays. Specifically, the laboratory utilizes mass spectrometry, animal models of tuberculosis, and collaborations with clinical research groups to define macromolecules engaged in host-parasite interactions. This is accomplished through highly collaborative studies within CSU and outside of the University.

The Dobos lab has been certified as a Green Level Certified Lab as of February 9, 2023. Learn more about My Green Lab certification or visit the CSU Green Labs website

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Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Biological Research Repository (MID-BRR)

The Dobos laboratory provides crude and purified reagents from M. tuberculosis, M. leprae, and other specialized Mycobacterium species and transfers these reagents to the MID-BRR repository managed by American Type Culture Collection. Products include irradiated cells, subcellular fractions, genomic DNA, crude lipids, purified lipids, lipoglycans, native proteins, and antibodies/antisera.

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Collaborations with Oregon Health and Sciences University

The Lewinsohn lab focuses on understanding how human CD8+ T cells recognize cell infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Areas of interest include defining the repertoire of immunodominant antigens in Mtb, defining the mechanisms by which Mtb-antigens can enter the HLA-I antigen processing pathway, and defining the mechanisms by which innate T cells can recognize cells infected with Mtb.

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Collaborations with Saint Louis University

Dr. Daniel Hoft treats patients for infectious diseases. His areas of expertise include tuberculosis, parasitology, and vaccination. He is particularly interested in research into vaccine development, especially for Chagas disease, pandemic influenza, and tuberculosis.

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CDC PHEPRAR contract

The Dobos lab will establish conditions for kill curves for requested genus. After surrogate kill curves are established, ATCC will provide “select agent” genus/species to be tested. These will be irradiated at one dose higher than the minimum dose required to kill the surrogate. The Dobos laboratory provides scientific expertise on the irradiation of select agents and surrogates/near neighbors.


Deaza-modification of MR1 ligands modulates recognition by MR1-restricted T cells.
Jin H, Ladd NA, Peev AM, Swarbrick GM, Cansler M, Null M, Boughter CT, McMurtrey C, Nilsen A, Dobos KM, Hildebrand WH, Lewinsohn DA, Adams EJ, Lewinsohn DM, Harriff MJ.Sci Rep. 2022 Dec 29;12(1):22539. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-26259-y.PMID: 36581641

Performance of novel antibodies for lipoarabinomannan to develop diagnostic tests for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Cantera JL, Lillis LM, Peck RB, Moreau E, Schouten JA, Davis P, Drain PK, Andama A, Pinter A, Kawasaki M, Källenius G, Sundling C, Dobos KM, Flores D, Chatterjee D, Murphy E, Halas OR, Boyle DS.PLoS One. 2022 Sep 30;17(9):e0274415. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0274415. eCollection 2022.PMID: 36178936

Extracellular Vesicles in Mycobacteria and Tuberculosis.
Mehaffy C, Ryan JM, Kruh-Garcia NA, Dobos KM.Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2022 May 27;12:912831. doi: 10.3389/fcimb.2022.912831. eCollection 2022.PMID: 35719351

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Extracellular Vesicle Enrichment through Size Exclusion Chromatography.
Ryan JM, Dobos KM, Kruh-Garcia NA.J Vis Exp. 2022 May 19;(183). doi: 10.3791/63895.PMID: 35661678

Sub-Lineage Specific Phenolic Glycolipid Patterns in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Lineage 1.
Gisch N, Utpatel C, Gronbach LM, Kohl TA, Schombel U, Malm S, Dobos KM, Hesser DC, Diel R, Götsch U, Gerdes S, Shuaib YA, Ntinginya NE, Khosa C, Viegas S, Kerubo G, Ali S, Al-Hajoj SA, Ndung’u PW, Rachow A, Hoelscher M, Maurer FP, Schwudke D, Niemann S, Reiling N, Homolka S.Front Microbiol. 2022 Mar 8;13:832054. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2022.832054. eCollection 2022.PMID: 35350619

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Karen Dobos, Ph.D.

Lab Principal Investigator (PI)
Scientific Director, CSU Regional Biocontainment Laboratory
Co-Director, Mycobacteria Research Laboratories

Megan Lucas

Laboratory and BEI Project Manager
Research Associate IV

Anne Simpson

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Luisa Nieto Ramirez, Ph.D.

Research Scientist I

Rebecca Staudenmaier

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Kieran Broder

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Briana Marsico

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Peyton Slack

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Graduate Research Assistant

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Gaby Ramirez

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Dobos lab retreat at the Estes Park ropes course (2019).

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