Climate Change is Animal Health

Our team is focused on the animal health impacts of a changing environment. Climate change has been identified as a leading health threat of the 21st century, and the veterinary community needs to be equipped to address this emerging issue. We are a group of students, staff, and faculty at Colorado State University who are working with a diverse, global network of animal health professionals. Our program has three pillars: research, education, and action. Through our work we seek to equip people with the tools they need to protect the health of animals and the environment that sustains them.

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The Veterinary Climate Action & Sustainability Talks are stories about how the environment influences animal health. Created by an epic team of Colorado State University Veterinary students, these episodes seek to expand your knowledge and inspire you to take action to protect animal health.

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The Air We Share

Wildfires and other air pollutants are a health risk for animals and people alike. We are collaborating with faculty across campus to better understand these impacts and take action so everyone can breathe a little easier.

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Animal Health Advocates in a Changing Climate Symposium

This student-run conference covers a range of topics and seeks to empower animal health professionals to take action on the topic of climate change

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Sustainability Advocacy in Veterinary Education (SAVE)

Animal health professionals in training and in practice are interested in learning about the animal health impacts of climate change. Our online program seeks to educate and build community around this important topic.

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A Systematic Review of Environmental Sustainability in Veterinary Practice

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Environmental Sustainability in Veterinary Medicine: An Opportunity for Teaching Hospitals.

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Preparing Veterinarians to Address the Health Impacts of Climate Change: Student Perceptions, Knowledge Gaps and Opportunities.

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Veterinarians in a Changing Global Climate: Educational Disconnect and a Path Forward.

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Client choice may provide an economic incentive for veterinary practices to invest in sustainable infrastructure and climate change education.

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Colleen Duncan, D.V.M., Ph.D.

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Rachel Conway

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Yoshua Goodman

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Maria Koytcheva

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Collin Kramer

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Malea McGimsey

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Josh Moore

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Danni Scott

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