Educational COVID-19 Public Heath Videos

CSU Extension Externship: Educational Videos, Undergraduate summer project

During the summer of 2021, CSU Extension teamed up with the Clear Creek Public Health Department to create educational health videos as an Undergraduate summer project. The goal of this project was to divide up the substantial amount of information about the COVID-19 pandemic and make it easy to understand for kids, school staff members, and families with questions. These videos highlight what pandemics are, how to prevent infection of COVID-19, and what are vaccines and why they are important.

Pandemics and COVID

Rules regarding public health are extremely important but confusing. In this video we discuss common questions including how does COVID-19 spread and what are variants?

COVID Prevention

COVID-19 is highly infectious, how can you protect yourself? In this video we discuss four ways to prevent infection.

COVID Vaccines

Vaccines are extremely important, but what are they and how do they work? This and what germs are are discussed in this video