May 23, 2024 Tampa Bay Times: 5 tips on managing leprosy risk in Florida

Florida has seen an increase in cases of leprosy, the ancient disease that can cause nerve damage in humans. Don’t play with them, said John Spencer, a scientist at Colorado State University who studies leprosy transmission in Brazil.

May 23, 2024 Tampa Bay Times: A medical mystery: Why does Central Florida see so many leprosy cases?

To better understand who’s at risk and to prevent leprosy infections in Florida, about 10 scientists from the University of Florida, Colorado State University and Emory University in Atlanta teamed up last year to investigate.

May 3, 2024 The Atlantic: Medieval Pets Had One of Humanity’s Most Cursed Diseases

CSU leprosy researcher John Spencer comments on the recent connection identified between leprosy and medieval squirrels as potential hosts.

March 22, 2024 Newsweek: Leprosy Is Spreading in Florida

Associate professor and leprosy researcher Dr. John Spencer comments on the infectious nature of leprosy (M. Leprae) and the increased case numbers currently seen in Florida.

January 28, 2021 Science: This wildlife vet tracks deadly microbes in the African jungle. Now, he’s on the trail of COVID-19

Identified in chimpanzees, leprosy joins a growing list of pathogens circulating in the environment that afflict both humans and other animals.

December 14, 2020 Avon Old Farms: Featured Alumnus – John Spencer ’71

Alum John Spencer has pursued an exciting career focused on leprosy, around the world and in the lab, since graduating from Avon Old Farms.

November 11, 2020 Science: Leprosy, ancient scourge of humans, found to assail wild chimpanzees

The first confirmed cases of leprosy affecting wild chimpanzees, suggests an unidentified reservoir in the environment.

March 11, 2020 North Forty News: Passionate about Leprosy

After 23 years, CSU professor John Spencer remains as passionate as ever about his work, especially efforts to contribute to the creation of a simple test to determine a person’s risk for developing leprosy.

August 7, 2018 Humans gave leprosy to armadillos – now they are giving it back to us

CSU professor John Spencer explains how armadillos pose a serious risk of spreading leprosy through contact with local human populations.