Integrated Livestock Management

The Integrated Livestock Management program at Colorado State University was established in 1996 to focus on animal health and production challenges in the livestock industries. We engage directly with producers to conduct field-based research using a graduate studies model that develops highly skilled professionals of the future. We develop problem-solving information and education for producers and veterinarians.

This website provides access to research results from studies of numerous cattle health challenges, including dairy cow mastitis, dairy mortality, dystocia, Johne’s disease, high mountain disease (bovine pulmonary hypertension), cattle sulfate toxicity, and malignant catarrhal fever. Refer to the research projects below or find them all in our Research page. The site also provides producer friendly tools and educational programs we have developed to help manage some of these frequently occurring problems in cattle production systems.

In 2020 CSU began developing the AgNext program, a university-based initiative with the mission of identifying and scaling innovation that fosters the health of animals and ecosystems to promote profitable industries that support vibrant communities. Integrated Livestock Management is one part of AgNext, contributing animal health research, education, and innovation as important components of thriving, sustainable animal agriculture systems.

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Characterization of Naturally Occurring Coliform Mastitis

Mastitis remains the most common infectious disease of dairy cattle and the most costly disease affecting the dairy industry.

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Dairy Cow Mortality

​All dairy cows eventually leave the farm. Ideally, they leave as healthy animals, either being sold for production or sold for slaughter when they are no longer productive.

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Hemmoragic Bowel Syndrome

Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome is a newly emerging, highly fatal intestinal disease of adult dairy cows in the United States.

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Johne’s Disease

We are currently collaborating on a multi-year to study being conducted by 18 states across the country and coordinated by collaborators at NAHMS. There are approximately 60 dairy and 15 beef operations enrolled.

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Livestock Worker Training

Livestock worker training is one of the primary missions of the Integrated Livestock Management Program.

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