Elizabeth Ryan
Toxicology, Cancer Biology and Nutrition Laboratory

This multi-disciplinary lab studies gut mucosal immunity and enteric pathogens, probiotic metabolism of foods,  and host associated microbiota-metabolic changes in response to dietary interventions across the lifespan.

Current projects involve investigation of foods such as rice bran, legumes (beans, cowpeas) and the impacts of these nutrient dense, fiber-rich foods on gut microbiome metabolism with health outcomes related to child growth as well as reducing risk for cancer.

Our team collaborates with local, national, and international groups on functional and sustainable foods and utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as metabolomics.

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Research Study: Northern Colorado Coronavirus Biobank

NoCo-Co-BIO: A biorepository for acute and convalescent patient samples from Coloradoans infected with SARS CoV-2.

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Clinical Research Study: Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal Health and Cancer Including Activity for Longevity

Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal Health and Cancer Including Activity for Longevity (BENEFICIAL) is a human clinical research study designed to identify whether foods such as beans or rice bran, combined with regular physical activity, can lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

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Integrated Microbiota and Metabolite Changes following Rice Bran Intake during Murine Inflammatory Colitis-Associated Colon Cancer and in Colorectal Cancer Survivors

Annika M. Weber, Hend Ibrahim, Bridget A. Baxter, Robin Kumar, Akhilendra K. Maurya, Dileep Kumar, Rajesh Agarwal, Komal Raina, and Elizabeth P. Ryan
Cancers (2023)

Plasma, urine, and stool metabolites in response to dietary rice bran and navy bean supplementation in adults at high-risk for colorectal cancer

Emily B. Hill, Bridget A. Baxter, Brigitte Pfluger, Caroline K. Slaughter, Melanie Beale, Hillary V. Smith, Sophia S. Stromberg, Madison Tipton, Hend Ibrahim, Sangeeta Rao, Heather Leach, and Elizabeth P. Ryan
Frontiers in Gastroenterology (2023)

Correlation between 25-hydroxyvitamin D/D3 Deficiency and COVID-19 Disease Severity in Adults from Norther Colorado

Bridget A Baxter, Michaela G. Ryan, Stephanie M. LaVergne, Sophia Stromberg, Kailey Berry, Madison Tipton, Nicole Natter, Nikiah Nudell, Kim McFann, Julie Dunn, Tracy L Webb, Michael Armstrong, Nichole Reisdorph, and Elizabeth P. Ryan
Nutrients (2022)

Nontargeted and Targeted metabolomics Identifies Dietary Exposure Biomarkers for Navy Bean and Rice Bran Consumption in Children and Adults

Bridget A. Baxter, Katherine J. Li, Iman Zarei, Linxing Yao, Sangeeta Rao, Elizabeth P. Ryan
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  (2022)

Relationships between plasma fatty acids in adults with mild, moderate, or severe COVID-19 and the development of post-acute sequelae

Sophia Stromberg, Bridget A. Baxter, Gregory Dooley, Stephanie M. LaVergne, Emily Gallichotte, Taru Dutt, Madison Tipton, Kailey Berry, Jared Haberman, Nicole Natter, Tracy L. Webb, Kim McFann, Marcela Henao-Tamayo, Greg Ebel, Sangeeta Rao, Julie Dunn, Elizabeth P. Ryan
Frontiers in Nutrition (2022)

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Elizabeth P. Ryan, Ph.D.

Lab Principal Investigator

Office Phone: 970-491-1536

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Stephanie LaVergne, M.D.

Research Scientist

Madison (Maddy) Tipton

Research Associate I
Lab Manager

Ryan Lab Phone: 970-491-4698

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Collecting rice bran in Guatemala

Different varieties of rice and rice bran from around the world.

Lab Dinner, August 2022

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